Print Templates In Details

Use Write Templates To File / Read Templates From File procedure to make your own Print Templates.

To edit the file open in Notepad program (or in your other favorite text editor), make editions, and save it.

NOTE: if you are using some complex text editor like Word, please be sure to save the file in “plain text”/”.txt” format.

In the beginning of the file there is an explanation section with commentaries that you may use for reference. Most of the parameters are self explanatory.

#--- Printer Template --- //Template Starts Marker 
#Template Name:<Name> // Name of Template to show in menu
#Rows:<NNN> // Picture Rows
#Columns:<NNN> // Picture Columns
#Image Copies:<NNN> // Default nomber of image copies
#DPI:<NNN> // DPI number
#Units:<SS> // Units name: Valid values: PX = Pixels; IN = Inches; MM = millimeters; CM = centimeters
#Page Width:<NNN.NN> // Page Width in selected units
#Page Height:<NNN.NN> // Page Height in selected units
#Sideways:N // Rotate 90 to print sideways: 0 - as is; 1 - rotate 90
#Image Width:<NNN.NN> // One Image Width in selected units
#Image Height:<NNN.NN> // One Image Height in selected units
#Margin Top:<NNN.NN> // Margin Top in selected units
#Margin Right:<NNN.NN> // Margin Right in selected units
#Margin Bottom:<NNN.NN> // Margin Bottom in selected units
#Margin Left:<NNN.NN> // Margin Left in selected units
#Gap Vertical:<NNN.NN> // Vertical Gap between columns in selected units
#Gap Horizontal:<NNN.NN> // Horizontal Gap between rows in selected units
#Bleed:<NNN.NN> // Bleed Guides in selected units
#PrintFileNames:<N> // Overprint file names: 0 - don't print; 1 - print

Here is an example of 2 x 4 template:

Frame-A-Face exported 2x4 templated image

In genera a Print Template is a kind of table with number of columns and rows. Below is a text for that template

--- Printer Template ---
Template Name:Eight Pic
Image Copies:4
Page Width:150.00
Page Height:100.00
Image Width:31.00
Image Height:41.00
Margin Top:1.00
Margin Right:1.00
Margin Bottom:1.00
Margin Left:1.00
Gap Vertical:5.00
Gap Horizontal:5.00

There are 2 rows and 4 Columns.

Our printer uses 300 DPI.

We use paper 150 x 100 mm

Each ID image is printed as 31x41 mm with 0.5 mm bleed.

It means that when we going to cut out separate photos we cut 0.5 mm from each side of the image and get 30 x 40 mm rectangles as resulted photos.

Please note Image Copies:4 entry

The program “prints” images starting at left/top cell down to the bottom of the page until the end of column, after that it prints next column and so on.

Frame-A-Face exported 2x4 templated image with print numbers

On the example page above the first four cells are printed with photos of one person, next for images used for second person.

If we set Image Copies:2 we getting this page.

Frame-A-Face exported 4x2 templated image with print numbers

We can set Image Copies:1 and get a grid with unique photos.

Frame-A-Face exported 8x1 templated image with print numbers