Templated Export

When you export cropped images the program saves each crop into a separate file.

If you intend to print small ID photos it can be handy to combine several small photos on one large page and print these big pages instead of bunch of separate small images.

Here is an example of combined page.

Frame-A-Face exported 2x4 templated image

These are two four-photo sets prepared to be printed on one page. Note thin guide lines for cutting out separate photos and file names printed beside images.

Use Templated Export to save your images that way.

Frame-A-Face templated export menu

Open Templated Export from File menu and select appropriate template.

Each menu bar has a small template icon and short description.

Frame-A-Face templated export menu bar

Icon’s white rectangle shows paper proportions, blue rectangles shows individual photos, red arrows points to photos tops.

By default there are only few templates. Use Write / Read from text file procedure to design your own templates adjusted to your printer hardware and available paper.

Manage Printer Templates opens additional menu sets

Write Templates To File - This exports Print Templates as a plain text file. You may manually edit this text in any text editor, edit or rename existed templates, create new templates, remove not needed ones and sort templates in more suitable order. See Templates In Details for more info.

Read Templates From File - Imports templates from plain text file. It reads and replace all templates. If you want to edit only one templates, you have to export all templates, edit one that you want to modify, and import edited file.

Save test page for template - This export test page with grey rectangles as images, all sets of guide lines and overprinted template settings as they are in template text file. Here is the example of test page for two four-photo sets page above.

Frame-A-Face templated export test page

You may want to print this test page with your printer to verify that nothing is missed because printer hardware margins and sizes of the printed photos are the same as they were was designed.