Menu File

Menu File

New/Load… - Brings up open files dialogue. Select files that you like to process (Use Ctrl-A to select all files.) and open them. Program starts face detection procedure and make crop previews with default or last used preset.

Open Folder… - Brings up open folder dialogue. Program opens all image files in selected folder.

Re-Detect All (DUN) - Re detect faces in already open files. DUN detector gives you fast and accurate detections for individual or small group photos.

Re-Detect All (HAAR) - Re detect faces in already open files. HAAR not as fast and accurate as DUN but can be useful to detect many faces on group photos.

Re-Build Crops - Rebuilds crop previews with default crop preset. Can be used if you cancelled procedure.

Load Batch… - Brings up a dialogue where you may open previously saved job. Job can be manually saved into .FAF file with Save Batch command. You also may enable autosave procedure (See Preferences) and program will automatically save job state for future usage.

Clear Batch - Clear preview list at the left-hand part of the main window.

Export… - Brings up dialogue to select folder where to save extracted crops. If folder not empty program ask your permission to add/replace new images.

Templated Export - Opens Templated Export Menu

Open Last Export Folder - Shows last selected export folder in Windows Explorer.

Exit - Exits the program.