Frame-A-Face Interface

Here is the main window of Frame-A-Face program.

Frame-A-Face Interface: Main window with masked preset

There is a file list on the left panel, original image preview with crop box in the middle, and preview of the crop on the right panel.

After you have opened folder with files and the program scanned images, detected faces you see a list of file items in the file list on the left.

Usually, if everything goes well, you see items like that.

Frame-A-Face Interface: File list item

If program detect more than one face in the image, all detected faces are shown as small square pictures in the middle of the item.

Frame-A-Face Interface: File list item with deleted face

If it was false detection, or if you don’t need a photo of particular person you can click on detected face to delete it. Deleted face marked with red X. To un-delete the face click on it again.

If no face was detected the list item looks like that.

Frame-A-Face Interface: File list item with no detected faces

Here you may add a face manually. Use + button or select Add Crop from Edit Menu.

Frame-A-Face Interface: Manually add face button

It turns mouse cursor into + and you’ll be able to draw a new face over the open photo in the middle view panel. Start by pointing your mouse between the eyes of new face and drag mouse the bottom of jawline. Program will use these two points to define the face. If straighten function will be enabled the face will be straighten by these points.

Use button beside it to add new preset or modify current one.

Frame-A-Face Interface: Open crop setup button

It opens Crop Setup Panel.

If some of your photos have subjects located off-centre, or if current preset is not fitting good for the photo it may happens that cropping box is oversized and overextends image border. These crops are marked with red borders.

Frame-A-Face Interface: File list item with oversized images

Please see help section about oversize to learn more.

One of the ways to deal with oversizing is to correct crop box manually. Select crop box with your mouse and use drag handles to adjust its position. After any manual adjustment the item gets Manual Crop status.

Frame-A-Face Interface: File list item with custom crop

If, in future work, you’ll be applying different preset for all images in current job, the program will be asking your permission to change these Manual Crop images.

Above the file list there is a drop down menu that help you to review large jobs by filtering images with different peculiarities.

Frame-A-Face Interface: FileList with filters

All Images - To display all opened files.

Multiple Faces Detected - It shows image where more than one face was detected.

No Face Detected - Photos where the program did not find any faces.

One Face Detected - List of images with only one face, i.e normal photos if you work with individual photo portraits.

No Face or Multiple Faces Detected - If you work with individual photo portraits, both no found face and multiple face may mean the problem.

Contains Custom Crop - Images with custom edited crop boxes.

Contains Oversized Crop - Images with oversized, overextended crop border.

Previously Edited Images - Images with manually added faces and custom edited crop boxes.