Edit presets as text

Presets can be exported to plain test file, manually edited, and imported into the program.

There are special command for that in Manage Presets memu

Write Presets To File - This exports presets as a plain text file. You may manually edit this text in any text editor, edit or rename existed presets, create new presets, remove not needed ones and sort presets in more suitable order. See Presets In Details for more info.

Read Presets From File - Imports presets from plain text file. It reads and replace all presets. If you want to edit only one preset, you have to export all preset, edit one that you want, and import edited file.

To edit the file open in Notepad program (or in your other favorite text editor), make editions, and save it.

NOTE: if you are using some complex text editor like Word, please be sure to save the file in “plain text”/”.txt” format.

In the beginning of the file there is an explanation section with commentaries that you may use for reference:

#--- FAF Preset --- //Preset Starts Marker 
#Preset Name:<Name> // Name of preset to show in menu
#Width:<NNN.NN> // Relative Width
#Height:<NNN.NN> // Relative Height 
#(Aspect ratio is defined as Width/Height)
#Scale:<NNN.NN> // Size of crop in relation to size of Face
#FaceLeft:<NNN.NN> // Horisontal position of face center
#FaceTop:<NNN.NN> // Vertical position of face center
#Strighten:1 // Strigthen face vertically: 1 = YES, 0 = NO
#Tilt:<NNN.NN> // Additional tilt angle
#UseHeadTop:0 // Find head top point over plain color background: 1 = YES, 0 = NO
#UseHorizontalCenter:0 // Center picture over plain color background: 0 = NO, 1 - Center by head, 2 - Center by figure ]
#FixedOutputWidth:<NNN> // Fixed output width (Integer value)
#FixedOutputWidth:0 // Export with original size
#FixedOutputWidth:1000 // Downscale bigger images to 1000 pixels, Smaller images in original size
#FixedOutputWidth:-1000 // Downscale bigger images to 1000 pixels and upscale smaller to 1000 pixels
#OversizeMode:0 // Shrink oversized crops to image bounds
#OversizeMode:0 - uses default mode defined in preferences
#OversizeMode:1 - override defaults and allow oversize
#OversizeMode:2 - override defaults and shrink to fit
#printTemplate:SSS // Name of printing template
#prefix1:SSS // Reserved for future use
#prefix2:SSS // Reserved for future use
#prefix3:SSS // Reserved for future use
#MaskFile:<Name of file> // Path and Name of overlay mask file
#MaskFaceLeft:<NNN> // Distance (pixels) from left side of mask to left of inserted image
#MaskFaceBottom:<NNN> // Distance (pixels) from bottom of mask to bottom of inserted image

Commentary lines starts with # character.

Below is real preset. (No # in the beginning)

--- FAF Preset ---
Preset Name:ID Face Photo